Fortis NGT Handling Gloves

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This is gamechanger for goalkeepers!

The Fortis Non-Grip Trainers have been designed to improve a goalkeeper's grip technique, confidence, and so much more!

After 9 months of testing various fits, materials, and designs the NGT is ready to change the development of goalkeepers. By not relying on the grip of matchday gloves, keepers learn to handle the soccer ball properly and improve their ability to hold the ball! 

Throughout 2020, over 20 college, pre-pro, and professional keepers tested the NGT Handling Gloves. Within just a few training sessions, the handling technique visibly improved. Keepers reported their confidence has increased. The ability to 'stick the save" developed with all of the keepers. The NGTs are now part of the keepers' training and match warm-ups.

Use the NGTs during training to develop. Show off during your games with the Fortis F1s!